My Impossible List

When I turned 25, I told myself I would start LIVING. I had this half-baked idea that my life would turn itself around and I could retire on a beach sipping mojito’s. I would have an athlete’s body and spend my time between philanthropic work and traveling—this never happened. 

I turned 28, and although my life was better, I hadn’t completed many of my goals. I blamed myself for being too busy—like a broken record I kept repeating: soon. Soon I’ll have the life I want. But the truth is that I just didn’t have any initiative—my record kept replaying  ‘‘One Day’’; one day I will start hitting the gym; one day I will start my own company; one day… But one day never came. Instead, I just stumbled on activities and opportunities randomly; I didn’t actively work to reach the goals I wanted. 

The Impossible List helped me solve that. I got the idea from Thomas Frank whom has quiet an impressive one himself. The Impossible List is a checklist for your life goals that holds you accountable. It breaks the ”one day” mindset because its not just a list of future goals and things you will do eventually, it’s a list that changes with time and includes everything you are doing now and strive towards.

Find out more about the Impossible List

Think of it as a Bucket List on steroids. Bucket Lists are the things you want to do someday, but the Impossible List isn’t some static list that you will get too eventually. In other words, it’s not in the future. It’s here; it’s now; it’s all the time. And it’s awesome! Joel Runyon, the original creator of the Impossible List shows you the difference between an outdated Bucket List and the Impossible List in more detail. 

I keep my Impossible List on Your Brain Place as a reminder to myself of where I stand in my life. I also hope that my list can inspire others to achieve their biggest dreams. 

Education Goals

  • Get my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology
  • Graduate Undergrad with a 3.8 – 3.9 GPA
  • Get accepted to the Doctorate of Psychology
    • Graduate with my psy.D degree
    • Get admitted to the OPQ (Ordre des Psychologues du Quebec)
  • Read 100 books before I turn 30 – Follow my progress on Goodreads
  • Read  book a month for 3 months straight (completed June 2021)
    • Read 12 books in a year
    • Read 4 books in a month
  • Read 500 books before I turn 50
  • Read 1000 lifetime books

Life Goals

  • Change one person’s life for the better, with testimonial 
  • Stop having to work side-jobs to pay the bills
  • Publish a book with a publisher.
  • Write an E-Book and self-publish
  • Start my own company
  • Start a Blog (completed, May 2020)
  • Get my driver’s license
  • Get my criminal record legally suspended (legal pardon) 
  • Become location independent (i.e., work from anywhere in the world)
  • Move to a warmer climate 
  • Develop deeper relationships with those around me

Professional Goals

  • Start Your Brain Place (ongoing, 2020)
    •  get 100 views a month
    • get 500 views a month
    • get 1000 views a month
    • get 10, 000 views a month
  • Make income from an online source
    • 1st income
    • Make 100$/month
    • Make 500$/month
    • Make 1000$/month
  • Start a YouTube channel
  • Create an online class
  • Create an online coaching service
  • Pay off all my student debts
  • Get hired for a public speaking gig
  • Create a single product that generates 10, 000$
  • Start my own private practice 

Skills Goals

  • Learn a music instrument, options: violin, guitar, piano
  • Learn photography 
  • Learn how to rock climb (in-progress)
  • Learn to social dance
  • Learn archery 

Physical Goals

  • run a 5km (completed, May 2020)
  • 50 pushups in a row
  • 10 pull-ups in a row 
  • Complete a Tough-Mudder or similar obstacle race
    • 5km
    • 10km
  • Get under 30% body fat. 

Extreme Goals

  • Go skydiving
    • 9000 feet (completed, 2019)
    • 13, 000 feet 
  • learn to scuba dive
  • complete a marathon/triathlon